Posted on April 18, 2018 09:00

  • ​Class Schedule—Week of April 23rd

  • Regular Schedule

  •  Upcoming Events

Grades K-6

  • April 23 & 24​
    • Grade 3 Reconciliation, during class time
  • April 28 & 29​
    • Crowning of Mary at all Masses
  • Updated Information Needed

Attention all families who will have children in grades K-10 during next school year (2018-19):

We will be using a new registration program for Religious Education classes. It is VERY important that we have updated family contact information, especially email addresses.

If you are new to our Church/Religious Education program or have changed your email/contact information, please contact us with your updated information by April 23rd at (860) 872-0200 x 309 or


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